Grandmas daisies.


I make a point to do my Grandma’s nails whenever I visit home. She always chooses a subtle pink color, explaining that she doesn’t need to “be so fancy”. But I can usually convince her (pretty easily, I might add) to have a small design on one of her nails; she chooses to have white daisies.
She mentions how wrinkly her hands are… But those wrinkles, they represent all of the gardening she has done. And all of the meals she has made. All of the quilts she has sewn and all the holes she has fixed. All of the children she has raised. All of the hands she has held. The lives she has touched.

My dear Grandma Pearl, each wrinkle in those sweet little hands of yours tells a story of the love that you put into everything you do and have done in the past 80 some years. So yes, I would say that you deserve to be fancy whenever you so please. Especially on your 63rd wedding anniversary. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa Olson.