Geometric shine

Flashback to this edgy geometric nail art from last summer.



V – Day

And yet another V – Day post.   Who doesn’t want to have beautiful nails for their hot Valentines date? or in general.  Because i am not a heart girl, I did a play on valentines day using the traditional colors but in fun geometric patterns.



hannahs2 copy

The basics

I figured I should go over some of my favorite products that I am likely to be using every single time I do a mani.

1. Seche Vite top coat. I seriously love this product. It’s $10 bucks at target and ulta. (However, I’ll let you in on a little secret- I found it for 2 for $8 on amazon. You’re welcome). Some reviews say that Seche Vite causes the polish to “shrink” making it look like the tips are worn or the nail has grown out, but I have honestly never had an issue with this. For me, it’s great because it dries really fast, stays incredibly shiny and doesn’t chip for at least a week or two depending on how much wear you are putting on your nails.

2. Sally Hansen Maximum Shield base coat is another product that I use a TON and it’s only about $6. Sally Hansen has a lot of products that are specific to different nail issues. I like this particular product because it’s main purpose is to strengthen nails and protect from staining.

3. CND cuticle away is a gel that I usually use to quickly remove and soften my cuticles. It is a professional grade product and you can purchase it on amazon for CHEAP! But it works really well. All you have to do is dab a bit on your cuticles and around your nails, let sit for a minute and then rub. Dry skin and cuticles will rub off. Just make sure you are washing your hands well after using because it could potentially damage your skin and nails if it’s left on for too long. I use the product alone when I am too lazy to trim my cuticles, and sometimes after trimming to remove whatever I may have missed with the trimmer.