Turquoise and Tribal Patterns

As per request, a tribal pattern tutorial inspired by this bead! Geometric designs are really easy to accomplish as long as you have a steady hand and some skinny nail art brushes.

collage 3

tribal 1

The color pallet:

L.A Nails Art Deco – Yellow
Kiss Nail Art – Lavender (from Dali 3 pack)
China Glaze – Turned Up Turquoise
Sinful Colors – Innocent (Green)
Kiss Nail Art – Black

tribal 6

If i am using a color that doesn’t have a nail art brush, i like to put a little blob of nail polish on some paper and use a small detailing paint brush.

collage 2

I started with green in the middle – that way the design will stay symmetrical as you work your way out. Don’t worry about having messy lines because you will trace over everything at the end with black and it will cover up any mess!

tribal 9